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Investments, Life Insurance, Retirement Planning, Business and Tax Strategy. What Makes Us Different? Our goal is to help people be more efficient with those resources that they have available.We believe efficient spending is just as important as efficient saving. We believe that education is the answer, not products. Many financial planning relationships begin and end with a product or investment – a financial “tool” designed to get someone where they want to go. However, many times there is no conversation about the hazards, and how to avoid unnecessary transfer of wealth. It would be very wise to work with someone who can be there as a coach, and not just a product vendor. A family can have the “best” product under the sun, but unless they understand the pitfalls such as avoiding unnecessary taxes, mortgage efficiency, the cost of debt, college planning, efficient spending, etc; that product will do it’s job, but meanwhile they may be transferring away more money than they are gaining, unknowingly and unnecessarily.

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